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Architect or technical-lead developer with over sixteen years of experience developing distributed enterprise services, database and personal computer applications, development tools, open source solutions, and technical designs. Highly capable, self-motivated, team player versed in Java and C++, in both UNIX and Windows environments. Well versed in wireless application and technology.


AUTODESK San Rafael, California Principal Software Engineer, September 2006-Present

Solutions lead for the Verizon Windows Mobile project. Architect and primary developer for various new server-side components for Verizon billing systems integration and service authorization for support of advanced devices.

Introduced to team new technologies for creating better products and productivity. Technologies include JPA, Maven2, JMX, and better clustered caching support.

Wrote a performance test harness for the "user-plane mobile positioning client", or "UP-MPC" component, a component currently in use at Verizon, Sprint, and Alltel. The testing harness emulates various network services, including the Brew software running on the mobile handset, carrier SMSC, PDE, privacy services, etc.

Member and committer for the Apache Software Foundation and committer and contributer to JBoss and JBoss Cache.

VERISIGN (ACQUIRED AS M-QUBE) Boston, Massachusetts Software Architect, 2002­2006

Developed a distributed premium messaging billing platform for all major U.S. and many Canadian carriers. Sole author of critical messaging delivery components for m-Qube, including SMS, IM, SMTP. Helped take the company from 20 people to over 200. * Designed, built, maintained an SMS/SMPP messaging server called "SMS Gateway", which delivered \$85 million in premium messaging for 2005. Created a custom language to support SMPP routing and connectivity for over 100 connected customers. System is capable of 3000 standard-rate message deliveries a second. Also, designed a billing server which can process and deliver 200-300 billing or subscription messages per second. * Wrote scripts and harnesses for testing a 3-4 node trial configuration for performance qualification with Verizon Wireless. Built tools for estimating SMS throughput for high-speed ITV (interactive TV) voting. * Developed a "dialog XML" language (similar to voice XML) and plug-in system for handling stateful conversations for SMS and other messaging services. * Recognized contributor to the JBoss project, specifically features for the JBoss MQ (messaging) and JBoss Cache products. Additionally, a contributor of numerous bug fixes and support for other free software projects.

OPENWAVE Bellevue, Washington Senior Software Developer, 2000­2002

Responsible for creating components to support enterprise-level services for determining mobile handset presence and location. Responsible for own unit-testing, end-to-end testing, technical requirements and design documents. * Assisted developers in two teams simultaneously; often reassigned to support tasks that were behind schedule. Mentored UI team in UNIX, PHP, JSP, and Java. * Completed two patent applications on document compression (both awarded in 2005) and received recognition for three other invention submissions. * Created an XML pull-parser and XML-RPC library, to support streamed document delivery. See

Software Developer 1999­2000

Used and leveraged existing components to build instant messaging application. Used mobile protocols and network simulators for delivery. Learned to write detailed design documentation and specifications based on non-technical customer requirements; used UML and the Unified Process. Consistently finished all tasks ahead of schedule. When free, assisted mobile phone interface team.

BELLEVUE COMMUNITY COLLEGE Kirkland, Washington Instructor, 2001­2002

Part-time computer instruction, teaching UNIX. Responsible for creation of course materials and content.

CATDADDY GAMES Bellevue, Washington Software Developer, 1998­2000

Responsible for programming and helping deliver various games and building a 3D game engine. Helped complete the game "Full Strength Challenge" as one of two developers.

* Sole and lead developer for UI, network components, sound, input, and 3D model export utilities. * Ported Windows network match server to Linux. * Designed and implemented prototype 3D vehicle game rules.

BERLITZ Sendai, Japan Teacher, 1998

Taught private English lessons to business clients. Learned the Berlitz language teaching approach.

STARWAVE (PRESENTLY GO.COM) Bellevue, Washington Intern, 1996­1997

Worked with the online commerce division to develop database system for commerce transactions. Later transferred to work with online fantasy sports games (pre-Servlet, but Java-based). Sole author of utility software for scheduling services, live systems monitoring, bug-tracking, etc. Learned Java, Perl, ASP, SQL, etc.

STEEL SILHOUETTES Seattle, Washington Computer Consultant, 1994­1997

HTML authoring, custom software for industrial machine, systems troubleshooting. Refer to


UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON Seattle, Washington 1995­1999

Awarded Bachelor of Science degree. Major in applied computation math science. Dean's list.

TOHOKU UNIVERSITY Sendai, Japan 1997­1998

Exchange student in Japan. Part-time research in Japanese character recognition, focus on language skills.


[Java] 8 years. JUnit, J2EE, JDBC, XML, JNDI, Servlets, Code Coverage. [C/C++] 4 years. Solaris cc, gcc, VC++, STL, POSIX. [UNIX] 10+ years. Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD. [Windows] Many years. DOS, Windows NT, XP, 98, Office, etc. [XML] 6 years. XSLT, SAX, DOM. [OOP] Design patterns, use of UML. [Perl] 1 year experience. [PHP] 6 months. [Networks] 4 years. TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS, SMPPv3, UDP. [Shells] 2 years. Bourne, BASH. [SQL] 2 years, Oracle 7/8, SQL Server, stored procedures. [LDAP] 3 months. JNDI and Netscape LDAP libraries. [HDML/WML] 1 year. [HTML] 4 years. CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, site maintainence, etc. [make/Ant] 4 and 5 years. [Ver Control] 4 years. Perforce, CVS, SVN, Clearquest, VSS. [Pascal] 6+ years. OOP in Borland Pascal 7.0. [Scheme] 3 months. [ASPs] 3 months. [DirectX] 6 months. [UML] 1 year. Rational Rose, Visio. [3D Max] 1+ years. Plugin library interface. [Assembler] Wrote basic compiler.

Other Activities Sea and flat water kayaking Japanese guest liaison at anime conventions Washington Trails Association Free Software


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