Children of Fire:  A Sailor Moon/Ranma 1/2 Fusion

Last Modified:  July 8, 2002

Added: Chapter 15 and 16

What is Children of Fire?

Children of Fire is a Ranma/Sailor Moon fusion which reworks and intertwines the history of both series.  While most characters have basically the same personality, some of them have become very different for various reasons.  Ranma is still stuck with Genma as his dad, though. :)

Where does Children of Fire  fit in the Sailor Moon and Ranma Continuities?

It is an alternate universe, and trying to fit it into regular continuity will only hurt you.  It starts a few weeks after the first two sailors have appeared and at the same time in Ranma continuity as when Ranma returns to Japan.  The Ranma half of the continuity is sufficiently mangled that this has little enough meaning, however.

Which Prime Minister of England smuggled wine in coast guard cruisers?

Robert Walpole

Where can I get episode X?

Right here! For the low low price of absolutely...nothing!

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Episode 17 is in production.

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